Village Discount Outlet 1 - 866 - LIKE VDO 1-866-545-3836 Serving the Illinois And NW Indiana area.New STORE HOURS as of January 08, 2022:Check each store page for the store hours as some locations have different hours.Want to know about our sales without having to visit our website? Village Discount Outlet, Inc. currently offers mixed rags in approximate 200-225 pound bale weights at market price per pound, sold by the container (20,000 to 40,000 pounds).If you are interested,contact us and we will arrange a wire transfer and we will contact you when the load is ready to ship. 33 reviews of Village Discount Outlet"The Village has provided me with some pretty cool gems over the years. Not to mention all of the oxfords I wore with my high school uniform. Even though I never admitted it to my 7th grade friends, thrifting is fun. You endure light rock music while looking for the perfect worn pair of levis or goofy t-shirt.